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This is a list of Songs represented by Iowa HomeGrown Music, BMI. It is updated monthly and each of these titles is a link to the page with the specific pulisher/copublisher, writer/cowriter, information about that particular song. This is a partial list. All of the songs included on this list have been recorded with the majority of them having been released.

Iowa HomeGrown Music, BMI Song Titles beginning with letters A to L
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161 In Dog Years
14th St. Groove
6th St. Park
A Closer Look
A Little Romance
A Love Like No Other
A Thousand Miles From Home
After All These Years
Ahmad O'Riley's Jig
All I Am
All I Can Do
All Mixed Up
Alpine Castles
Anytime Annie
As Country As Kentucky
Automatic (Get That Feeling)
Avenue Called The Blues
Baby I Want You Back
Back Country Shuffle
Back Home
Back On The Road Again
Ball Breaker Blues
Be There
Beg Steal Or Borrow
Beneath The Underdog
Better Days
Better Love Next Time
Beyond The Shadow Of Her Doubt
Black And Blue
Black Hawk Springs
Blue Blood
Blue Collar Blue
Blue Collar Country
Blue River
Blue Shift
Blue Side Of The Moon
Blue Valley
Blues After Midnight
Blues On The Run
Bohemian Blues
Boy Oh Boy
Brand New Red Dress
Break Through Your Breakdown
Brown Eyed Boy
Brush College
Build Your Dreams
Burn Bright
Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye
Can't Pay The Bill
Can't Relate
Can't Stop My Heart From Loving You
Candy Cane Shuffle
Carravagio's Hangout
Cau Cau Blackbird
Change My Mind
Chasing The Cat
Christmas At Home
Christmas Memories
Cloud Tracing
Coffee Cigarettes And Toast
Cold Hard Truth
Come Back
Come Dance With Me
Come On To Babylon
Come On To Me
Comic Book Hero
Cote D'Azure
Country Girl
Country To The Bone
Crescendos Of Blue
Curse Of The Starving Class
Daddy's Little Girl
Dance Song
Darkness Falls
Daydreamin' Blues
Dead Cowboy
Diamond Rings And Fancy Things
Do As I Say
Does She Wonder About Me
Don't Believe It
Don't Change On Me Now
Don't Come Back Again
Dreamin' Of A Dream
Dreams About You
Dry Times
Early Hour Blues
Early Spring Waltz
East Of Midnight
Easy Time Blues
Easy Time Lovin'
Eighteen Years
Embers In The Autumn
Enchanted Journey
Ever Since Someday
Eye Opener
Faded Pictures
Fallin' Out Of Love
Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee
Feeling About You
Feelin' Good About Feelin' Good
Feelin' Kinda Lonesome
Fezziwigs Jig
First Daze
Fly Like The Wind
Flowers In My Hair
Fools Gold
For Heavens Sake
Forces Of Light And Dark
Forgive And Love
Four Empty Walls
Fresh Air
Friday Night Drinkin'
Front Porch Swingin'
Funked Up
Get Down Downtown
Girl In Leather
Give God The Glory
God Will Deliver
God's Praises
God's Rainbow
Goin' Home
Goin' Out West
Goin' To California
Goin' To New Orleans
Goin' To The Station
Gonna Write You A Letter
Good Evening Mr. Blues
Hallways Through Time
Hard Workin', Workin' Man
Harmony Hearts
Hate To Say It
Have You Tried To Forget
Heartbreak Ain't Easy
Heaven Help
Here Come Da Mamba
Here I Go Again
Here We Are
Here We Go Again
Hey Lady
Higher Ground
Hills Of Tennessee
Home Again
Honky Tonk Paradise
Hodoo Queen
Hot Cakes
Hunters In The Snow
I Can Promise You These
I Care
I Don't Think Of You At All
I Don't Understand
I Don't Want To Be Your Lover Baby
I Don't Want To Start Over
I Found A New Love
I Have A Friend
I Know You Care
I Love You So
I Owe It All To Me
I Remember You Well
I Think About You
I Think Of You
I Wish I Was A Little Girl
I'll Be Your Queen
I'll Do It For You
I'm Sorry
I'm Your Man
I've Never Loved Like You Before
If I Could Sing
If I Told You
If It Ain't Country
If It Ain't Simple
If You Could See Marie
If You Fall
In A Cloistered Garden
In My Dreams
In The Middle Of The Night
In The Shadow/Dark Eyes
In The Shoes Of A Fishermans Wife
Interlude/Wasps In The
Iowa Homegrown
It Ain't Been The First Time
It Only Took A Moment
It's Been A While
It's Not For Christmas
Jack's Crust
January After Christmas
Jasmine Rage
Jesus And The Devil
Jesus My Help
Jesus Was A Part Of My Country Home
Jesus Wore Leather
Jesus You're More Than Enough
Jim Bean, Your Memory And Me
Joker Looking For A Queen
Judas Kiss
Juke Joint Jam
Just Another Brown Eyed Boy
Kansas City Bound
La Perfida De Mis Suenos
Lady In Waiting
Lady Lucy's Soulfood Emporium
Late Again Tonight
Lazy Dog Rag
Learning To Walk Away
Leaving For The Prarie
Let Your Love Burn
Let's Just Start Over
Like A Circling Subliminal Sky
Like A Puppet On A String
Like I Love You
Lil' Ronnie
Lilies And Roses
Little By Little
Little Diamond
Little Miss Understanding
Little One
Livin' It Down
Living Low And Getting High
Living With A Dream
Lonesome Bird
Long Day's Journey
Long Goodbyes
Long Lost Friend
Look Around
Look Up
Looking East
Lord I'm Yours
Lost Love
Love By Numbers
Love Look What You've Done To Me
Love Won't Fly
Loves Me Loves Me Not
Lovin' You Lovin' Me
Lovin' You And Lying With Her
Lucky One

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