Ryan Smith & the Melismatics

Various Press

"YES THEY DO, THEY KICK ASS....Postmodern Rock seamlessly richochets between Cars-esque New Wave and Big Star-ical power pop and Pavenment-ular indie and Supergrass-y mod rock......this CD is just plain awesome enough to stand out on its own as an example of fun, exciting rock. I've heard demos from a lot of Minnesota bands that have wound up becoming local celebrites, but none of them deserve celebrity more than these guys. TOP HONORS"
- Demorama

"The Melismatics' debut release combines high-school angst with grad-student philosophy."
- City Pages

"Their CD "Postmodern Rock" sounds like The Cars and The Plimsouls had a baby and gave it to Devo to raise---accompanied by a toybox full of socking guitar riffs, stop-start dynamics and whoo-wooing synths."
- Nashville Scene

"If there's such a thing as classic alternative rock, the The Melismatics are champions of it."
- Star Tribune

"The Melismatics' CD "Postmodern Rock" offers some of the most pleasing and catchy
songs of the year from songwriter Ryan Smith."
- Pioneer Press

"Energetic rock four-piece considered one of the best of the current crop in their native Minneapolis."
- The Rage

"The first line on this CD is very clear "I don't like the voices on the radio!" and what then follows is a sort of rock we just don't hear enough on our radio simply cos it...ermmm....rocks!
- The Original Sin ... Germany

"Fantastic hooks and super cool electro pop! This CD is a gem!"
- Tinderbox Music

"I just call it catchy, growling power-pop that makes you wanna crank up yer tunes an' rip off the knob."
- Pulse

"Smith and his outfit are charming popsmiths with a left-field bent."
- Star Tribune

"In an age where one song sells a CD, Smith's scope and talent are not only refreshing,
but literally vital ... I want whatever's next from this guy. So will you."
- Cake Magazine

"The band's energy is contagious."
- The Minnesota Daily

""Can't Relate", from this disc, is careening around the recesses of my brain as I write this. This CD is a rocker from start to finish. Nothing tired or stale. All of it worth listening to."
- Impact Press

"Smith has a lot to show off. That Smith's talents are many and great is undisputed."
- Morris Register

"His style is original and anti-stagnant and his musical vision is truly alive."
- Clarion Arts & Entertainment

You can Listen Here to Ryan's music.

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