Rosco has been written about by many of the Music publications in the South East:

"Dancin' Machine"
"Wanna dance? Rosco - the man and the band - guarantee you will...."
"Rosco is a high-energy, creative musician on the verge of discovery...."
"Rosco likes to experiment and do things his own way, that's what makes him so unique...."
"No matter what mood you are in, it will be better when you leave (the show)"
"To make someone dance is one thing, to capture the mind is another. That's what we try to do, says Rosco...."

Allison Huddleson
Creative Loafing

"Rosco blessed with a good sound and some of the best stage presence to grace the Southland clubs, has been consistently drawing more and more fans to their shows as they play all over the South...."
"While the music is acoustic based, it still blends varying styles like soul, gospel, and rock. This, together with a tight rhythm section....and a great stage presence make this an exciting show...."

Andy Levine
The Southland Gazette

"Hilton Head, don't you hold out on me now!" Rosco bellows in the middle of another energy packed set. The words are coarse and his voice is raspy but the feeling that permeates the bar is pure.
While Rosco's personal demeanor is mellow and often aloof, on stage he holds nothing back. "We try to capture the mind and make it an experience for everybody." says Rosco.
"Rosco's music is extremely listener friendly as each song involves the fans. While funky tunes like Silly Girl make you move, the song What Ever Happened, moves you."
"If you haven't heard this soulful band yet, this is the time to do it!"

Jennifer Piston
The Island Packet

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