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October 18, 2023 was Bronson's 67th Birthday Bash, featuring the 45th year Anniversary of the Ozone Ramblers, at the Riverside Casino in Riverside, Iowa.

The Ozone Ramblers celebrated our 40th Year Anniversary at Sidelines in Ft. Madison, IA on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018!

The Ozone Ramblers celebrated our 39th Year Anniversary on Friday, August 4th at RiverFest 2017 in Ft. Madison Iowa on the mighty Mississippi River!

The Ozone Ramblers celebrated our 38th Year Anniversary on Saturday, August 6th, at RiverFest 2016 in Ft. Madison, Iowa! It was a wonderful celebration and Thank You So Much Ft. Madison! You can see some pictures here.

See photos of our July 3, 2015 37th Year Anniversary at the Dry Creek Festival.

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 The Ozone Ramblers celebrated our 36th Year Anniversary at Sidelines, in Ft. Madison, Iowa! See Pics of this show

September 7, 2013, we celebrated our 35th Year Anniversary at The Dock in Ft. Madison, Iowa! 35 years of Iowa homegrown music from The Ozone Ramblers! On Saturday, December 8th, 2012, The Ozone Ramblers performed at the Eagles Hall in Ft. Madison, Iowa as part of a Gathering for Paul and Pam Crutchfield and their family. Also appearing was our musical brothers, Chaz & The Channel Cats and we were joined by 100's of our friends for a Great cause!

On Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012, The Ozone Ramblers celebrated our 34th Year Anniversary performing at The Dock on the Mississippi River in Ft. Madison, Iowa!

The Ozone Ramblers 33rd Year Anniversary Performance on Sunday, July 3rd, 2011, at Captain Kirk's Marina in Ft. Madison, Iowa, was a huge success! Thank you so much to all of our fans, friends and family for joining us to celebrate.

The original Ozone Ramblers played Sunday, Oct. 3rd, 2010, at the Beachfront in Wever, Iowa. With us was Crowding 50 from Nashville and we played acoustic music for this performance. This show was a Tribute to the Arts and Crafts of Willard and Maxine Herrmuth, my parents, and a Benefit for Holly Cain who suffered a severe stroke.

Friday, July 03, 2009 The Ozone Ramblers celebrated our 31st year Annivsary! You can see photos of The Ozone Ramblers performing at our 30th Year Anniversary in Ft. Madison, Iowa where we started on the mighty Mississippi River at Captain Kirk's Marina

Saturday, Sept. 15th, Ned Francis, David Roth, and Bronson Herrmuth, the 3 founding members of The Ozone Ramblers performed at Apple Daze in Donnellson, Iowa.

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The Ozone Ramblers performed for a Labor Day - Pre Rodeo Kickoff Party sponsored by Budweiser at Sidelines Sports Bar in Ft. Madison, Iowa.

The Ozone Ramblers celebrated 27 years of playing music together on June 25th at the Big River Rally in Ft. Madison. See Pics!

July 3rd, 2004 - The Ozone Ramblers 26th Year Reunion was hosted by Sidelines Sports Bar in Ft. Madison, Iowa. See Pics!

See photos taken on June 06, 2004 at the Eid Children Benefit Performance! See a list of performers that helped.

The Ozone Ramblers celebrated 25 years of playing music together on Friday, June 20, 2003. This event was hosted by Catfish Bend Casino as a part of their summer "Rock The Dock" outside music festivals in Ft. Madison, Iowa. Last years July appearance was a huge success. Here are some photo's of that show. We also performed on Sunday, June 22nd at TC's Peir in Oquawka, Illinois. A big big Thank You to all who attended these shows.

25th Anniversary show pics     crowd pics

Take the Lost in the Ozone quick tour or check out some of our Album covers or get Ozone Ramblers merchandise

The following pages contain the ongoing History of Iowa band The Ozone Rambers. Everything you will read I have created using The Ozone Ramblers Vault and my memory. I take full responsibility for my words and will do my best to tell our story accurately. 30 years of Ozone History will take a long time to tell and just like The Ozone Ramblers, it is far from finished.

The most important thing about The Ozone Ramblers has always been all of our hard core Rambler Fans who have supported and followed us through each and every turn that time has taken us through over 33 years of performing, traveling, and recording together. If you are already a fan then these pages, photo's, and mp3's should bring back lots of memories from our times together, plus give you acess to information and music we recorded that was never released. If you are new to the Ramblers, then ........ Welcome to "The Ozone"!
Bronson Herrmuth
Last updated on January 5, 2022.

The Ozone Ramblers were formed in January of 1978 in Ft. Madison, Iowa in the living room of David Roth. He was living on the Bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, a place called "High Point". There was a heavy snow that night that made it almost impossible to get up the road to his place but thanks to my Amigo Oz and his 4 wheel drive Pickup, we made it. Ned Francis had just returned to Iowa from living out west and I had just returned from 4 years active duty with the US Navy. I hadn't seen David since 1973 when I left Iowa for the military and I had only known Ned for a couple of weeks at that point. They were both older than me (a fact that I still remind them of when we get together to perform) and had known each other for a long time. It was a very special night filled with music and laughter. The first Ozone Rambler original song was composed that night, an Instrumental called "Rooty Tooty BlueGrass" written by David, Ned & me and published by BMG Music.

This mp3 version click to download 2.5 m is from the first actual "pro" recording session ever done by The Ozone Ramblers in 1978 and it was recorded along with about 20 other songs in Bob Medford's Studio in Burlington, Iowa using one Microphone and going straight to tape. We had talked Dennis Baxter into joining the band by then, on Stand Up Bass and we performed and recorded completely acoustic with all 4 of us standing around the one microphone. This song was again recorded in 1981 by The Ozone Ramblers in Mexico City, Mexico as The Country Ramblers for RCA Records on the Ramblin' South LP.

Performing weekly in West Point, Iowa at a place ran by our long time dear friends Reed and Sue Haeger, called Reed's, The Ozone Ramblers slowly but surely built their show and a strong, loyal local following. We also started to play other places in our region but playing Acoustic BlueGrass Music in 1978 and 1979 in the Midwest was a hard way to go. The majority of nightclubs and bars that did have entertainment were dance clubs and had a real problem with the fact that we did not use a Drummer. We played as much as we could and established our home base of Iowa, Illinois and Missouri that exists to this day almost 23 years later. This band had a really great time together playing some wonderful music until internal problems caused us to split in mid 1979.

To keep the record straight, there were several other muscians that jammed with The Ozone Ramblers in those early days. Jim Sanford was always welcome with his 5 string Banjo as was his brother Joe Sanford and "Lightning Fingers" Curt Lewis on guitars. Bill Boone played Standup Bass for some of the first actual paid performances of The Ozone Ramblers before he moved out west.
The original Ozone Ramblers are shown performing in the photo above. Everybody sang and are pictured here standing left to right:
Dennis Baxter on Acoustic Stand Up Bass guitar
Ned Francis on Acoustic guitar, 5 string Banjo
Bronson Herrmuth on Fiddle, Mandolin, and Harmonicas
David Roth on Acoustic guitar
Last but definitely not Least, Hayes Lisenring was our Soundman and Spiritual advisor throughout this period. His home in the woods outside of West Point, Iowa was known as Ozone Acres which had a lot to do with our name being "The Ozone Ramblers". Hayes kept us running and on the road and we never missed a show.

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