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Patti Sterling was blessed with the gift of song. Her first professional "gig" was singing back-up for Henry Mancini and Johnny Mathis at the famed Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, Ca. She was sixteen years old. This experience led to her acquaintance with arranger/composer Ralph Carmichael, who introduced her to jazz legends Plas Johnson, Shorty Rogers, Jimmy Rowles, and the Candoli Brothers, Conte and Pete. These gentlemen took her under their wing, and showed her what the" Pros" did for a living. She attended sessions watching the "Big Guys" play music for TV, and commercials. She watched great session singers like The Blossoms work their magic in the studio, and while being amazed, longed for the day she could do the same.

As a "Young American" Patti found work on the sound stages in LA doing television shows, Four Star Productions, The Lucille Ball Show with Gale Gordon, Christmas Specials for Andy Williams, Julie Andrews and Jackie DeShannon all the time watching the "Stars" at work . . . taking it all to heart. An audition for Randy Sparks put her into the "folk" movement of the early seventies, and she shared the stage with Hoyt Axton, Steve Gillette, Kenny Rogers, The Hager Twins, Kin Vassy, the Dillards, and Kim Carnes. She played Fairs across the nation, too numerous to mention. Consequently her appreciation of this great country of ours is profound.

Patti found her taste growing and changing musically, and replaced Linda Ronstadt in a World Fusion project called "Morning of the World". This group was signed with Elektra records with Jac Holtzman at the helm. Linda left for her success in the Stone Ponies...Patti was drafted by some of LA's finest players, who knew her abilities as a versatile singer with an excellent ear. The project was produced in part, by Alex Hasseliev of Limelighters fame. Glen Yarborough used to come by rehearsals in addition to Cyrus Farar, and Hugh Masekaleh. Morning of the World rocked in asymetric times before most of the USA recognized the term "World Beat".

Dot Records producer, Ray Ruff drafted Patti into the All Star Cast of the groundbreaking production of the Gospel Rock Opera, "Truth Of Truths". Both on vinyl and stage at the Greek Theatre, Patti interpreted the roles of Eve and the Virgin Mary. Truth of Truths brought her together with the talented Douglass Gibbs, who performed with Billy Preston. Douglass invited Patti to sing backup for Steven Stills, The Reverend James Cleveland, and The Master's Children (now known as Earth, Wind and Fire). Patti and Douglass became writing partners, and were staff writers for Playboy Music.

Patti then moved to Dallas and secured her first "gig' in "Big D". She found work as a "duo" at the Dallas /Fort Worth Airport cocktail lounge, with a very fine jazz player, who brought a tuner just to keep the piano bearable, for the three hours they played. Gig by gig , phone number by phone number, recommendation by recommendation, Patti broke into the Dallas "studio system" that produced IDs for syndicated radio in the US and Worldwide. Her involvement here earned her several regional commercial successes and a couple of National commercials as well. Her voice has been heard on the BBC, and, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Radjo Jovan Pan requested her sound as did Magic Radio Syndicate. Her national commercials were for Toyota, Sears, The Limited, Seven Eleven, and Sportsworld. She sang special music for the Cleveland Browns and did several radio campaigns for KVIL KMPC (LA) and WLS.(Chicago) Several of these commercial packages won "Clios".

Dallas presented many opportunities to grow as a singer and define her style. She could sing straight ahead "bop' with keyboard players like Lyle Mays and Pat Coil, or Rhythm and Blues with Texas Tornados Wally Wilson (Grammy nominated producer, songwriter) and Gary Nicholson (Grammy nominated songwriter). She sang with Blood Sweat and Tears sax man Bill Tillman and Gary Willis(Tribal Tech ) on bass. Patti teamed up with Dallas piano-man Whitey Thomas to write a dozen songs for WORD artist Becky Fender's first two albums. Eight were chosen. The secular versions of many of these songs appear on Patti's Album Left Turn Only.

Patti did some background arrangeing for Stevie Nicks, Alex Harvey, Mike Settle, and Kin Vassy while in Dallas. She opened shows for Point Blank, Ray Stevens, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. She toured Texas and Louisiana with the Satisfires, her own original band, and played large shows like Dallas Summer Fest, The Scott Theatre in Fort Worth, Caravan of Dreams, Fort Worth, and Rockefellers in Houston. Then Patti, with a brief stopover in Las Vegas returned to LA. During this time she performed at the Wang Center for Performing Arts, Boston Mass, Cape Cod Melody Tent, and the Hotel Presidente, Mexico City.

The collaboration that led to the album "Left Turn Only" began when Patti was involved with a jazz project at the Los Angeles studio of Righteous Brothers lead guitarist, and Phil Spector session player, Art Munson. A few months later Patti needed to lay down a track for a song she was going to pitch for a Tina Turner project. She called Art and a year later came away with a finished album. Songs off that album are currently being played on over 500 radio stations across the US in addition to continually dominating their individual Genre charts on the web via With a brand new band comprised of some of LA's finest Patti Sterling is now in preparation to tour in support of her growing Radio and Internet success in addition to being busy writing new songs for her next recording sessions.

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