Patti Sterling

Sterling Castle Music and Kon-Kord Records released "Bettin' On You", The latest CD by Patti Sterling. The CD features new material by Patti Sterling and Art & Robin Munson, plus a duet with Kon-Kord Artist Rue Davis. Distribution will be through Select-O-Hits, co-founded in 1960 by Sam Phillips, the legendary founder of Sun Records. Select-O-Hits is one of the largest independent record distributors in the country, providing services for over 300 independent vendors to customers like Tower Records, Music and Best Buy, with sales offices and staff in Memphis, Nashville, Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Atlanta, Miami, Little Rock, Chicago, Boston and Seattle

Singing in front of big crowds since she was two years old, Patti is a real Pro. She has written hundreds of songs and toured professionally her whole adult life. Writing, recording, and performing independently she is the Real Deal. Currently one of the hottest acts on and performing in California with her new group, Patti Sterling is an Artist/Songwriter/Entertainer/Vocalist that knows how to put on a show. Her powerful voice has the ability to come across the speakers and "physically" grab you, compelling you to listen to her songs and her Voice, which is very very special.

Songs from Patti's album Left Turn Only which was produced by Art Munson are currently being played on over 500 radio stations across the US and abroad.

Patti is very much at home on stage and she is a high energy performer giving you all she has got at All times... we are proud to help represent her songs here at Iowa HomeGrown Music.

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