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This is a list of Songs represented by Iowa HomeGrown Music, BMI. It is updated monthly and each of these titles is a link to the page with the specific pulisher/copublisher, writer/cowriter, information about that particular song. This is a partial list. All of the songs included on this list have been recorded with the majority of them having been released.

Iowa HomeGrown Music, BMI Song titles beginning with letters M thru Z

Mad, Bad And Dangerous
Maidens Of Venus
Marley's Ghost
Maybe It's Love
Me And Jack
Memories Of An American Christmas
Mine Mine Mine
Mining For Gold
Minuet With A Snowflake
Mississippi Mama
Mississippi Man
Monk's Tea
More Like Jesus
More Than Lovers
Moving Forward (Going Nowhere)
Movin' Time
Mrs. Robertson
My Daddy's Hat
My Kind Of Woman
My Life In His Hands
My Strength
Need You
Nemo's Island
Nervous Wreck
Never Go Out At Night
Never Gonna Give You My Heart
New Beginnings
New Infection
New Love Here At Home
Nineteen Sixty Nine
No Longer Just A Kid
No More
Not This Time Honey
Now And Forever
Nuclear Age
Ol' New Orleans
Old Dog Learning New Tricks
Old Love Letter
On The Rocks And Heartache
On The Wind
Once In A Lifetime
One Man Army
One More Time
One More Time
One More Heartache
One Summer Night
One Two Many Wrongs
One White Rose
One Sided Love
Outbound/Mystery Winds
Outlaw On The Run
Over The RIver
Over You
Paint, Paint, Paint
Pastures Of Plenty
Peace On Earth
Perfect Company
Pickin' Up Peices
Pictures Of The City
Pieces Of A Broken Love
Places In My Heart
Plain Jane
Play Me Some Country
Please Don't Go
Please Don't Walk Into The Smoke
Poster Punk
Prarieland Nightingale
Putting My Heart OnThe Line
Queen Of The Underground
Quiet Of The Pines
Rag Town Road
Reeding The Blues
Reflections In Blue
Renegade Mind
Ride With The Rebels
Rite Where U Belong
River Of Love
Riverboat Ride
Rock N' Roll Rose
Rollin' In The Moonlight
Rooty Tooty Bluegrass
Rush Hour Blues
San Francisco Girl
Save My Soul
Second Hand Rose
Secret Passages
Secret Rooms
See The Same
She Might Feel Better
Silly Girl
Simple Country People
Since You Left Me
Since You're Gone
Six Miles High
Skid Vicious
Slowly They Came Walking
So Easy
So Many Visions
Soda Pop Blues
Soldier's Hands
Someone Like You
Something I Could Never Do
Soon The Morning Will Come
Soul Changes
Spanish Sands
Speaking In Tongues
Stand By Your Woman
Stand Up
Starin' Down The Evil Eye
Stepping Out
Stone City Stroll
Stoned In Love
Stop Look And Listen
Storm Warnings
Storms Of Love
Sun Shiny Day
Sunny Day (Please Go Away)
Sunny Side Cafe
Sun's Gonna Shine
Sunshine Dreamin'
Sure Am Missing You
Sweet Lovin' Arms
Taken Me
Tender Moments
Thank You Lord
That Heart Of Mine
That's How It Used To Be
The Barge
The Big Valley
The Blame
The Clockmaker
The Coyotes Call
The Day My Daddy Died
The Early Hours
The Edge
The Endless Dance
The Fat Lady And The Clown
The Final Chapter
The Fisherman Song
The Gem City Waltz
The Ghost House
The Ghost Returns
The Gravel Road
The Hangman's Daughter
The Hard Way
The Hills Of Tennessee
The House Of Mirrors
The Last Time I Saw You
The New Cool
The Old Red Barn
The Opium Den
The Prettiest Woman In Town
The Promenade
The Richness Of Her Heart
The Ring
The Shipwreck Song
The Sky/Kansas
The Things That Lovers Do
The Town
The Woman For Me
There You Go Again
They Came From A Settled Land
This Is Not My Life
This Land
This Wedding Dance
Thoughts Of Her
Through Before We Started
Through The Storm
Time Goes By So Quickly
Time Is All We Need
Time Sure Flys
Together At Last
Tossed In A Storm
Trigger Happy
Trucker Man Blues
Try Me
Trying To Get A Message To You
Turn Me Inside And Out
Turn Off The Light
Turn The Inside Out
Turn Up The Lights
Two And Then One
Two PM On A Hot Tin Roof
Two Sallys On The Line
Two Sides To Lonesome
Unspoken Words
Urban Spices
Waiting For Summer
Walk My Blues Away
Walkin' On A Tightrope
Walkin' On The North Side
Walks Alone
Wapsipinicon Fantasies
Warm Up Bar
Water Striders
Waves Of Sound
What Did I Do Wrong
What Else Could I Do
What Ever Happened
When I'm Not Around
When They Lay Me Down
Where Can I Turn To
Where Do We Go From Here
Where Have All The Dreams Gone
While I'm Here
Who's Loving You
Why Do I Think Of You
Widow Of The Road
Windmills Aren't Turning
Winter Gardens
Without You
Worlds Apart
Wounded Heart
Wrong Side Romeo
You Don't Have To Love Me
You Got Me
You Never Know
You're My Habit
You've Opened The Door
You've Won My Heart
Young And Beautiful
Your Freedom
Zig Zag Man

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