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We had to return to the United States due to our work visas running out before we could actually record, so we left and returned 3 weeks later to start recording. The Ozone Ramblers actually recorded twenty two songs for RCA Records in their Studio A in Mexico City over a 7 day period with 5 of them being original songs we had written. Sally Weisenburg was featured on this album and of course it was produced by Tony de la Barreda. Check out how RCA decided to call us The Country Ramblers on this release for fear the Mexican public in 1981 would not be able to deal with "Ozone". We weren't thrilled about it but we we really didn't have anything to say about it and didn't even know they had done it. We had performance contracts waiting for us in the U.S. and Canada so we had to leave Mexico as soon as we finished doing all of the actual recording. Tony actually mixed this record in Brazil in an RCA Studio and then Mastered it in Mexico City. We saw the cover ourselves and heard the album for the first time when we returned to Mexico for our third tour.

Shown here is the cover of the album released from those sessions. There was also a 45 single release that got tons of airplay. Note how they changed our name again, this time just going with "Ramblers". In addition The Ozone Ramblers all played in the studio for RCA as session players on other recording projects they were doing with other Mexican recording Artists while on this tour. Our friend at Capitol-EMI Records, Manuel Montoya also hired us to record with one of their Artists, Cynthia, shown in the photo of her record cover below and RCA agreed as long as Capitol-EMI didn't actually credit us on the cover. On this project we arranged all of the music in addition to being the band for the sessions and this was also our first experience singing in Spanish! All of these sessions were awesome recording experiences and The Ozone Ramblers ate it up.

While were in Mexico on these different tours we tried to see as much of Mexico as we could squeeze into our schedules. I could never you show all the pictures but here are a few courtesy of Linda Dorn, taken while we were playing tourist.

One more major event that took place in Ozone History on these first two tours of Mexico was meeting and signing a management agreement with Manuel Hernandez. An Artist Manager of the highest caliber and one awesome individual Manuel and his entire family were and still are great friends of the Ozone Ramblers. He helped us tremendously and I could never thank him enough.

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